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YA Paranormal Mystery / YA Urban Fantasy

2017-513 eBook Marilyn Peake B01 Medium.

Thanks to her offbeat mother, Shade’s full name is Galactic Shade Griffin.  Having a name like that while being the new girl in school is pretty much catnip for bullies.  The summer before Shade’s junior year of high school, her mother breaks up with yet another boyfriend and moves them once again to a new town ...

Shade and the Castle by the Sea

With all the other fish in the sea, your first crush needn’t be human.


Shade and her best friend, Kai Zahnii, begin their freshman year at Ocean View College. Located on a secret island off the coast of California, Ocean View is a special place specifically designed to train students with magical abilities. Shade is ...

2019-0012 ShadeandtheVampiresofRomania14
Shade and the Vampires of Romania

The undead cannot be saved. Once bitten, you walk among them.

As a foreign exchange student in Romania, Shade must deal not only with ghosts, but also with the undead. Her first semester trains her to deal with the in-between worlds, including that space between the dead and the undead. No amount of training can prepare her, however, for stepping into a world where vampires ...

2017-513 eBook Marilyn Peake  B02 Medium
Shade and the Skinwalkers

As if being a ghost whisperer in a trailer park isn’t weird enough, skinwalkers take things to a whole new level of strange.

Running away from her demons rather than facing them, Shade’s mother moves them once again to a new place—this time a trailer park on the outskirts of Roswell, New Mexico. Hiding in plain sight among UFO festivals ...

Shade and the Pure-Blood Faeries

All that glitters isn’t gold. All that shimmers isn’t innocent.


In her sophomore year at Ocean View College, an institution for training those with magical abilities, Shade is assigned to the Ghost Whisperers House. Likewise, her friends are assigned to houses dedicated to their unique types of magical ability ...

Shade and the Crystal Orb

Crystal orbs are tricky things. They can be windows into the future or nothing more than smoke and mirrors..

During the first semester of her senior year at Ocean View College, Shade takes a class on the kelpies and begins researching their situation. This group of magical beings is confined to a very small area of the Earth: the lochs and pools of Scotland ...

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