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Beyond the Glimmering Portal

When a witch gives you fair warning, you’d be wise to listen.


Allie and her friends discover a series of cell phone games that do things no other cell phone game can do. The Rings of Connection series creates portals. Hoops and Giggles is a silly early version that allows players to toss virtual balls through ...

Feyland Tales

What if a high-tech computer game opened a gateway to the treacherous Realm of Faerie?

For fans of GameLit and fairy tales alike - dive into the bestselling world of Feyland in these eleven stories from award-winning and bestselling authors. Ranging from the poignant to the gritty, the clever to ...

Through the Trapdoor:
A Feyland Story

From Anthea Sharp, author of the Feyland series: Through the Trapdoor by bestselling author Marilyn Peake “is a classic Feyland tale grounded in the city of Crestview—complete with faerie bargains, foolish hackers, and an intrepid heroine. The action weaves deftly between the real world, the game, and the ...

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