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Shade and the Den of Lost Souls:

A Shade Series Short Story

When your dreams are haunted by the cries of a ghost, you just might be a ghost whisperer.


Although Shade and the Den of Lost Souls takes place between the second and third books in Marilyn Peake’s YA Paranormal Mystery Shade series, this short story can be read as a standalone story and an introduction to the series. It was originally published in the Fantasy Bridge anthology, Modern Magic.


Before leaving home for her freshman year at a college for magically gifted students, Shade feels she has unfinished business she needs to address. Experiencing vague memories that she may have heard ghosts earlier in life than she’d originally thought, she decides to investigate the memories that are haunting her. Traveling to New Orleans with her best friend Kai, she discovers she’s not the only one with unfinished business. It’s like returning to the scene of a crime.


Although this story takes place in New Orleans, the setting is actually a combination of New Orleans and Southern Louisiana.


SHORT STORY. GENRES: YA Paranormal Mystery / YA Urban Fantasy.

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