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Shade Series: Books 4-6 Boxed Set

All that glitters isn’t gold. All that shimmers isn’t innocent.


This boxed set contains the final three books in the YA Paranormal Mystery / YA Urban Fantasy Shade series.


Shade and the Pure-Blood Faeries (Shade Series Book 4):


Shade faces several major challenges during her sophomore year at Ocean View College, an institution for training those with magical abilities. She supports her selkie friend Apple as she undergoes a difficult surgery. She helps solve the mystery of local children who have gone missing, some returning to their parents in disturbing condition. Learning that the pure-blood faeries wield way too much power in a system that holds others back, Shade also begins fighting to change the status quo. This becomes a pivotal year in Shade’s life as she grows into her destiny as a ghost whisperer.


Shade and the Vampires of Romania (Shade Series Book 5):


As a foreign exchange student in Romania, Shade must deal not only with ghosts, but also with the undead. Her first semester trains her to deal with the in-between worlds, including that space between the dead and the undead. No amount of training can prepare her, however, for stepping into a world where vampires and other undead such as the strigoi and moroi are so much more than legend.


Shade and the Crystal Orb (Shade Series Book 6):


During their senior year at Ocean View College, Shade and her friend Li Zhang travel to Scotland to complete a research project on the kelpies. While there, they meet a number of these magical creatures. Things take a dangerous turn when they get swept up in a situation among the kelpies and two other magical groups, the Fin Folk and asrai. When Shade and Li meet Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, things happen that forever change the lives of everyone at their college for the magically gifted.

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