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Shade and the Pure-Blood Faeries

All that glitters isn’t gold. All that shimmers isn’t innocent.

In her sophomore year at Ocean View College, an institution for training those with magical abilities, Shade is assigned to the Ghost Whisperers House. Likewise, her friends are assigned to houses dedicated to their unique types of magical ability. No longer freshmen, they get to see more of the inner workings of Ocean View: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Shade faces several major challenges this year. She supports her selkie friend Apple as she undergoes a difficult surgery. She helps solve the mystery of local children who have gone missing, some returning to their parents in disturbing condition. Learning that the pure-blood faeries wield way too much power in a system that holds others back, Shade also begins fighting to change the status quo. This becomes a pivotal year in Shade’s life as she grows into her destiny as a ghost whisperer.

SHADE AND THE PURE-BLOOD FAERIES is Book #4 in a YA Paranormal Mystery / YA Urban Fantasy series.

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