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Shade and the Secrets of Summer Camp:

A Shade Series Novelette

When a ghost appears inside a virtual reality game, summer goes from fun and games to something deadly serious.


Although Shade and the Secrets of Summer Camp takes place between the second and third books in Marilyn Peake’s YA Paranormal Mystery Shade series, this novelette can be read as a standalone story and an introduction to the series. Shade and the Secrets of Summer Camp was originally published in Game On! a GameLit anthology organized and edited by USA Today Bestselling Author Anthea Sharp.


In Shade and the Secrets of Summer Camp, Shade and her best friend Kai attend summer school before starting their freshman year at a college for magically gifted students. Shade is a ghost whisperer, which means ghosts contact her when they need help resolving issues from their earthly lives before moving on into the afterlife. Kai is an empath, as well as a Navajo healer with the ability to eventually become a shaman. In this story, Shade is contacted by a ghost within a virtual reality game. At that point, summer camp stops being fun and games, turning instead into something deadly serious.


NOVELETTE. GENRES: YA Paranormal Mystery / YA Urban Fantasy / YA GameLit.

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