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Through the Trapdoor:
A Feyland Story

From Anthea Sharp, author of the FEYLAND series: THROUGH THE TRAPDOOR by bestselling author Marilyn Peake "is a classic Feyland tale grounded in the city of Crestview—complete with faerie bargains, foolish hackers, and an intrepid heroine. The action weaves deftly between the real world, the game, and the Realm of Faerie, giving readers a taste of everything Feyland has in store."

The fear and intensity of playing the Feyland game had left an indelible mark on Zoe’s mind. She had played it when she was fifteen years old, then mostly forgotten about it when she lost access to the sim equipment. One year later, the memories returned with a vengeance.

THROUGH THE TRAPDOOR is a novelette set within the world of Anthea Sharp’s best-selling FEYLAND series, and is published as a stand-alone story with her permission. It was originally available only in the FEYLAND TALES anthology organized and published by Anthea.

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