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Truth or Lie? Marilyn nearly smacked into the roof of a building while parasailing.

This is true. Marilyn and her husband were on vacation in Cancun, Mexico when Marilyn decided she’d love to try parasailing. The instructions were brief: the boat will take off, you run on the sand until you get lifted up into the sky, you pull on the cord when the guy on the ground signals to you that it’s time to land. Marilyn was young. Marilyn was naïve. Don’t be like Marilyn. Marilyn was looking all around at the sky, thinking what a glorious experience this was. Suddenly, she looked down and saw both the parasail guy and her husband waving frantically at her. She was too far away to hear what they were shouting. She discovered, however, that she was headed straight for the roof on one of the huts on the beach. She pulled the cord and landed safely. Back then, Marilyn was fearless. She went parasailing again. The second time she paid better attention to signals from the parasail guy that it was time to pull the cord.


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