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The City of the Golden Sun

The second book in the children's fantasy adventure trilogy by Marilyn Peake.

The City of the Golden Sun is the sequel to the well-received children’s fantasy adventure novel, The Fisherman’s Son.  In the first book, the main character, Wiley O’Mara, rescued six boys trapped in an ancient city submerged beneath the ocean.  Now he and the other boys return to The City of the Golden Sun.  Once there, Wiley takes a backseat to Keegan, the son of King Reginauld, and to the magnificence of the ancient city itself.  Wiley and his friends immerse themselves in the daily life of the city, so that both Wiley and the reader can truly experience The City of the Golden Sun.  In the third book, it will be up to Wiley and the boys to bring news of this ancient culture to the now impoverished island.

The fictional city is based on extensive research into ancient Greece and Rome, theories about a possible Atlantis, and Ireland.  The City of the Golden Sun includes elements of all these places, and much more.

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