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Mutation Z Series, Books 1-3: The Ebola Zombies, Closing the Borders, Protecting Our Own

Viruses mutate. Some mutations are worse than others.

Emma Johnson’s first job as a nurse is at The Liberia Treatment and Research Camp in West Africa. Young and naïve, she soon learns about the horrors of medical experimentation in the African jungle. Journalist Hunter Morgan begins researching Chen-Zamora Pharmaceuticals, a company that has found a way to mutate the Ebola virus to create a Zombie Virus or “Z” Virus. He uncovers a web of sinister intrigue that connects the treatment and research camp, the pharmaceutical company, U.S. government officials, the CDC and the World Health Organization. This is conspiracy theory fiction in which zombies are used as biological weapons.

Boxed Set of NOVELETTES and NOVELLAS. GENRES: Apocalyptic Science Fiction, Zombie Fiction, Conspiracy Fiction, Horror.

“The Mutation Z series is a must read for horror and dystopian lovers everywhere. The story grows better and better with each novella.” – Sherry Fundin, Blogger and Reviewer

“The Mutation Z Series is a unique and attention-grabbing zombie tale that’s well worth your time to read.” – Margaret Marr,

“Whether you are a fan of zombie or apocalyptic tales or not, this series is worth a look. / You just may find that Ms Peake is your new favorite author for fiction with the ring of truth.” – Kat’s Inspiration Corner

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