Mutation Z: Protecting Our Own

Third book in the series.

Guerrilla warfare breaks out between armed militias and those perceived as protecting the zombies.  Journalist Hunter Morgan becomes the target of Clay Dixon, the organizer of a militia in a Texas border town, when he advocates for protecting the zombies until a cure is found.  The journalist has strong motivation for his beliefs: his daughter is suspected of having the disease caused by Mutation Z.  This book ends with a devastating confrontation.  NOVELETTE.  GENRES: Apocalyptic Science Fiction, Zombie Fiction, Conspiracy Fiction, Horror.

Mutation Z: Protecting Our Own is the third book in the Mutation Z series.  In the next book, Mutation Z: Drones Overhead, the people working in Dr. Rojas’s house to find a cure for Mutation Z hide from the U.S. government spying on them with helicopters and drones that constantly fly overhead.

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