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Mutation Z: Dragon in the Bunker

Answers arrive in the most unexpected ways. Ayahuasca, the dark web and a Chinese grandmother in a fishing village along the Yangtze River forge a road to the truth.

Journalist Hunter Morgan gains an unlikely ally in his search for the truth about the origins of the zombie virus. Mark Chen, youngest son of a co-owner of Chen-Zamora Pharmaceuticals, shows him information more frightening than his greatest nightmares. Together, they travel all the way from an abandoned meth shack in the Mexican desert to China, evading the authorities by communicating with Mark’s contacts through a video game on the Dark Web.

NOVELLA. GENRES: Zombie Fiction, Apocalyptic Science Fiction, Conspiracy Fiction, Horror.

Mutation Z: Dragon in the Bunker is the fifth book in the Mutation Z series. In the next book, Mutation Z: Desperate Measures, things heat up in the United States with both the U.S. military and radical militias targeting those trying to develop a vaccine and cure for the Zombie Plague. As a result, researchers flee to a special bunker in China where they race against time to try and save the human race.

“Zombie horror, big government, a little bit of science fiction, and some modern cyber twists. Too good to pass up.” – Laura, FUONLYKNEW Blog

“WOW, Absolutely Brilliant! / Another Great Read in the Mutation Z series.” – Haggielady, Amazon Reviewer

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