Mutation Z: Closing the Borders

Second book in the series.

Eviscerated bodies are found along both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.  Military security is stepped up on both sides of the border.  However, journalists are given free rein to explore the devastation.  As more and more bodies are found, people begin to panic.  Meanwhile in The Liberia Treatment and Research Camp of West Africa, Emma Johnson and Chibueze Koroma continue to receive experimental doses of Mutation Z.  They also begin to remember the horrific things they’ve done.  As journalist Hunter Morgan’s investigation leads him to that same Camp, his own little girl falls sick with fever.  NOVELLA.  GENRES: Apocalyptic Science Fiction, Zombie Fiction, Conspiracy Fiction, Horror.

Mutation Z: Closing the Borders is the second book in the Mutation Z series.  In the next book, Mutation Z: Protecting Our Own, guerrilla warfare breaks out between armed militias and those perceived as protecting the zombies.

Winner, “Best Horror,” eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards

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