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Illuminated Manuscripts

Writers are the only true magicians in the world. They create worlds with words, and in the case of fantasy, they bring magic into our lives. Because of writers we can converse with dragons, follow a quest for the sake of good, and find love lost through the centuries.

The Illuminated Manuscripts Anthology is a collection of ten wondrous and magical tales ranging from epic to contemporary and from fairy tale to historical fantasy. Within this collection you will find pretty tales, dark tales and stories that might have you looking for magic in your own world.

The anthology includes both new and established authors, each with a wonderful touch for making fantasy seem real. These enchanting tales lead you into worlds filled with dangerous creatures, enchanted swords, and powers used for both good and evil -- and love lost and found. Come and take a walk down the paths where these stories lead, and enjoy the adventures you find along the way -- but do be careful. Magic is dangerous....

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