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Hoarder in the Down Deep

It’s against the law to have children without winning the lottery.  Implanted with a birth control device as required by law, Evangeline Hubbard, a dirt farmer in the down deep, discovers that implants sometimes fail.  But in a world strictly controlled by the authorities, one pays a terrible price for tampering with the established order.  Consumed by fear and madness after things go horribly wrong, Evangeline hoards in order to hang onto things.  She adds them to the nest she’s building in the down deep.

Hoarder in the Down Deep is a novelette based on the best-selling WOOL series by Hugh Howey, and was written with his permission.  It’s set in the time when Sheriff Holston and his wife Allison had won the lottery, giving them one year to conceive a child.  Investigating the case of Evangeline Hubbard, Sheriff Holston and Mayor Jahns are unprepared for what they find.  Hoarder in the Down Deep explores how psychological issues and emotional pain can lead to hoarding.  It also explores the mental strain placed on women who have lost control over their own reproductive processes.

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