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Blood and Ashes:

Dark Fantasy With a Touch of Romance

It’s a long road from discovering you’re a blood witch to the dream of living happily ever after in the land of fae.


Kaelin discovers she has incredible power at her fingertips: the power of blood magic. She’s capable of both healing and destroying. A few drops of her blood bring an infant back from the dead.


As she struggles with her newfound power, Kaelin meets an alluring stranger. However, he may have entered her life with more than a romantic relationship in mind.


Stepping through a door in an abandoned factory close to where she found the infant, Kaelin falls through a portal into a bone-chilling world. She’s confronted by a sickly woman with coal-black eyes who tells her she must return “the child” or suffer the consequences.


Hiding the baby from the authorities and running from those who threaten her, Kaelin relies on the man with whom she’s fallen deeply in love to protect her. However, the question remains: Is he there to help or betray her?


In the Land of Faerie, the Unseelie are dying from the spread of a fatal disease. Only the child with special blood can save them.


**Blood and Ashes is a Paranormal Romance novel with some adult content.**

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