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Bright Moon

Originally published on the literary blog, Glass Cases.

Infant faeries are a magical gift.

In China, an infant faerie is found by a toddler. Delighted, his peasant farmer parents see this as an opportunity to raise a second child despite China’s one-child Planned Birth Policy. They name the baby Ming Yue, meaning “Bright Moon.” She is precious and magical. As China begins its industrial revolution, waterways and rice paddies run red with pollution, farms become cancer villages, and the baby faerie struggles to survive. Literary Fiction / Dark Fantasy short story.

“Every detail about Bright Moon is vividly displayed, with a hint of mystery and danger. As you read, you’ll get caught up in the anxiety of wondering if Ming Yue will be discovered and the family punished. I especially liked how Ms. Peake blends the family together to make it a strong and loving character all by itself.” - Margaret Marr,

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