Treasured Chests - A Zombie Anthology: For Breast Cancer Care - registered Charity in England & Wales 1017658

A charity anthology of short zombie stories created in aid of the charity Breast Cancer Care (registered Charity in England & Wales 1017658). All royalties (100%) are to be donated to Breast Cancer Care.

Treasured Chests Is a unique, intelligent and terrifying collection of short Zombie Stories. An eclectic collection of short stories brought to you by the Zombie podcast Good Morning Zompoc, featuring the finest authors in the Zombie and Horror Genre. 

*Warning Explicit Content* 

Content : 

1.Foreword – By Diane Coughlin 
2.Invasion A – By Peter Mckeirnon 
3.Run from the Dead – By Marc Moore
4.Adam’s Birthday – By Claire C Riley 
5.Not the Main Character – By Devon C Ford 
6.A Flash of Light in the Darkness – by Marilyn Peake 
7.Scarecrows – By David A. Simpson
8.To Walk the Halls – By Rebecca Besser 
9.Last Light – By Christopher Artinian 
10.Judgement Day – By Ricky Fleet 
11. Wolfe in Dead Clothing – By R.L. Chambers 
12.Beginning of the End (Garage Survival) – By T.D. Ricketts 
13.Bobbies Boobies – By Grivante 
14.Insomnolence – By Valerie Lioudis 
15.Concrete Jungle – By M.R. Wallace
16.The Karakyuza – By Kevin J Kennedy 
17.Slayer – By Andrew Lennon 
18.Zombie Granny – By Steve Higgs
19.Betrayal – By Jaime Johnesee 
20.Flesh – By Stuart Keane
21.House of Dead Repute – By Matt Hickman 
22.Excuses – Cartoon by Stan Yan

All royalties are to be donated to the charity Breast Cancer Care registered Charity in England & Wales 1017658.

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